PROGuard - AntiHackPRO

Make your server more secure, protect yourself from cheats and bad players.

Built exclusively for you

We build tools, new function in your source code and even a customized anti-hack according to your needs, with source code or not.

1. Acquisition

Get in touch, request installation and send your details following payment to our team..

2. Validation

The implementation of the anti hack for your game is released after payment, it can take from 1 hour to 24 hours for the bank to confirm.

3. Implantation

After the payment has been made, it is time to install the antihack in your game, it takes 1 to two hours to complete the configuration of the client and server environment.

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Solve the problem with cheats in your game now, make it safer with PROGuard

The use of cheats grows every day in multiplayer online games, proguard came to soften and detect players who use cheats and codes on their server.

Compatible Games.

  • Cabal Online
  • Shaiya
  • WYD
  • MuOnline
  • LastChaos
  • Priston Tale
  • FiveM
  • Lineage 2
  • Steam games and others
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24x7x365 service
— Support

5 (five) reasons to hire our services

We will leave some characteristics of our team and excellent reasons to purchase our products ands services.

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We seek to know what your real need is and thus develop an ideal tool for you.

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Cloudserver hosting

Great web hosting and cloud server plans to host your website and applications or even your game server. Protection against DDOS attacks. Brazilian and Canadian servers.

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Fast and effective support

With fast and effective support in which to solve your needs, we are able to respond precisely to any eventuality that you may need.

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Easy to start, optimize and scale

We are always working on new projects and tools, updating our system and infrastructure to better serve your server and your needs.

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Constant update in the definition of cheats and viruses

The fight against cheats and hackers is hard and constant, so we are always updating our antihack using new protections, optimizing the operation and building new utilities, for example Launcher AutoUpdate and dashboard.